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I'm henning, a multidisciplinary art director, motion designer, part-time commercial director, photography enthusiast, and visual wizard. I create visually appealing content, but I believe that the sound layer is just as important in producing truly engaging material.

I grew up in the beautiful german countryside, where I discovered a fascination for my father's analog cameras. this fascination grew over time, eventually leading me to pursue a degree in audio-visual engineering to further explore my interest in image production.

It wasn't until my postgraduate studies in motion design at the filmacademy bw that I discovered my true passion. by blending design and motion, I found a way to create captivating visual experiences and design digital universes. now, I work in advertising, exhibition media production, and video art, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and inspiring audiences through stunning visuals.

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+49 160 90 33 28 69
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jangled_nerves, oddity, fischerappelt, le_berg, the_sweetspot, simon & paul, la_red, acidbite, blackcorridor

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mercedes_benz, bmw, j├Ągermeister, flixbus, bosch, tom_tailor, paccor, aspirin, inotec, datev, dr├Ąger, zeiss